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Off grid regenerative accomodation experiences - Margaret River, Nannup, Augusta

Frequently Asked Questions

Help me make up my mind - hit me with the facts!

We are a small WA company trying to use our business as a force for good.

By booking with us, you support our purpose to make meaningful impact for the local people and the environment, so please be mindful that cancellations impact both us and them hugely. We really appreciate it when guests postpone or transfer their booking rather than cancelling where possible. However, we do understand that in life, things can change. 

Cancellation and Charges

  1. Should You need to reschedule your booking, we require 8 days’ written notice to Should you need to reschedule with less than 7 days’ notice, we are unable to modify your booking.
  2. In the event of multiple reschedule requests from You, Little House Republic reserves the right to refuse the request and instead provide you with a gift voucher of the same value to rebook within the valid dates of the voucher period.
  3. If You wish to cancel your booking altogether, we require 14 days’ written notice to hello@Little House You will be entitled to a full refund, minus a $30 administration fee. 
  4. Cancellation requests less than 14 days and up to 7 days from check-in time are entitled to a 50% refund minus a $30 admin fee.
  5. Under no circumstances we will reschedule or refund your booking should you wish to amend or cancel your stay after your booked date of arrival, if you arrive at the Little House late or depart early.

At Little House Republic, off grid means that our little houses are powered by the sun, the water is captured from the rain and we provide a waterless composting toilet to conserve the water.  We actively encourage living ‘little’.

Unseen, private, cared for country by a 130 year old pioneering farming family. An active pastoral farm with beautiful Angus cows roaming and foraging across the landscape. A real Aussie nature experience and camping flavour – with a touch of luxury.

Little House Republic is a female founded, Australian owned regenerative tourism and sustainability brand, providing off grid, short stay accommodation in regional Western Australia. Our goal is for visitors to have a net carbon zero, nature positive impact on their holiday destination. This concept goes beyond ‘not damaging’ the environment but actively regenerating and restoring it and the communities where you stay.

Each little house is located on the same property in Scott River (the bottom of Western Australia!). Whilst you will share the same track onto the property, each little house has been placed with seclusion and privacy in mind. It will be you, nature and the stars (oh and the cows).

We strongly advise NOT arriving in the dark. You will need to navigate across farmland with live cattle, through several gates with no light. You are remote and secluded – perfection once you’re cocconned in your little house but not ideal if you’ve never been to the property before. This can seem quite confronting if you have never visited a rural property before and we want you to have the BEST experience.

The design, material procurement, trade partnerships and construction of our little houses has been a labour of love for us and we really hope you love them as much as we do. We set out to showcase a more sustainable way to design, procure and construct. Where we could we bought Australian first, and materials that we did procure elsewhere we chose based on their own eco credentials. We know we can do better on future builds and we will.

Our little houses all have a bathroom with a hot shower, waterless composting loo. A super comfy, queen size mattress from our friends at Ecosa. Fresh bed linen and towels. Cosy recycled wool blankets  A full kitchen with mini fridge and two burner gas stove. All your cooking equipment, plates, elegant glassware and cutlery. Outdoor BBQ and firepit (in season).

Each little house is equipped with a fire extinguisher, fire blanket, first aid kit, snake bite kit and burns kit. In case of emergency we have a walkie talkie to contact the property manager. 

The sun powers all of our little houses – the lights, fridge, fan, and charging points. Please do not bring hair dryers, electric razors, toasters, hair straighteners, electric frypans, plug-in heaters, or any other external appliances – they will overload the system and leave you with no power!

Our little houses are equipped with a water tank that captures rainwater. You will have water for a hot shower – just keep them short so you don’t run out 😉

There are running water taps in both the kitchen and bathroom which is drinkable water. If you’re a bit funny about the taste of your water, feel free to bring your own along too – avoiding single use plastics of course.

Little House Republic follows a leave no trace practice, respectfully encouraging our guests to positively contribute to the environment by removing everything you bought with you, thereby limiting your footprint on the environment.

We have provided a bin for you to collect your waste to take with you. A composting bin is also provided to leave your suitable food waste that we will happily remove and compost for you.

You may not be aware but rubbish removal in some regional areas can create an impost for our local land partners and can impact local community infrastructure. In the event that you forget to take your rubbish with you we will need to charge you a removal fee of $35 to compensate our partners.

Our little houses are in remote Western Australia and the cost of cleaning and servicing them after each stay is more challenging. The rural service fee is $90 and is applied to all reservations giving you the opportunity to support local workers when you book a stay with us!

We’re glad you asked! We have purposefully built off grid little houses to reduce our carbon footprint. What minimal emissions the company has we offset against global certified carbon offset projects. Our further commitment to climate action in the tourism industry is partnering with Sustainable Travel International to provide our guests with a way to measure their journey to us and offset their emissions too. 

You can make your journey carbon neutral by offsetting your journey to us and supporting local restoration and conservation projects with our friends at Carbon Positive Australia.

Scott River East, Western Australia.

Our little houses are set on unique, secluded, private property. There’s no need to worry about the safety of your stay with us, but we do want you to act responsibly when it comes to wildlife. Enjoy nature but always be smart when it comes to your safety.

There is limited and inconsistent telephone connectivity at the little house. 

We think our little houses are perfect for one or two adults. There are a number of risks present that can be heightened by adding small children to the mix. Parents bringing kids (anyone under 12) accept responsibility for all risks and agree to take care to act safely around dirt tracks, water, local wildlife, snakes, etc.

We love daaags. Do you love daaags? But sadly as this is an active pastoral farm we cannot allow dogs to visit. Stay tuned for more furry friend friendly locations to come.

Yeah we know, rules can be a downer, but please respectfully follow these couple

  1. Park in the designated parking spot and do not drive to the little house or anywhere else on the property
  2. Leave the little house the way you found it
  3. Take your rubbish with you (please DO leave the compostable bits in the bin provided)
  4. Never leave your campfire unattended

Weather! It’s a thing! What’s the wet weather policy?

It’s wet and wild out there. What to do? We’ve got you covered – read a book, play the games, cook up a feast and enjoy that special wine, all from inside your little house. Our little houses are designed for your enjoyment rain, hail or shine. 

If there are any extreme weather occurrences that we cannot control, we can’t offer a refund, but we’d love to reschedule your stay or offer a credit to be used down the track.

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