Little House Republic

Off grid regenerative accomodation experiences - Margaret River, Nannup, Augusta

about us


We are designing a Regenerative Tourism framework which is place-based and takes a holistic systems approach in redefining tourism for the future. It engages with, and respects local environmental, cultural and social characteristics and conditions and does not engage with the green washing rhetoric of ‘sustainable tourism’.

Accordingly, there is no recipe, no metrics or eco-certification standards that can fully reflect this Regenerative Tourism design. That is why the Little House Republic is working towards our own defined standards, metrics and certifications that are both attainable and aspirational.


Little House Republic, founded in 2021, has set a bold goal of being a truly regenerative company – for the good of the world we live in and all who journey with us. Our tourism activities – accommodation, experiences and products, all have regenerative practices embedded in its DNA.

We advocate for a cultural shift towards a gentler pace of life that is kinder to individuals, communities and the environment. We hope to inspire new ways of thinking that guide us all towards a better future – socially, economically, and environmentally.

Founders and New Owners

Tracey Hodgkins and Tess Slot were the visionary thinkers and entrepreneurial spirit behind Little House Republic. New owners Keryn and Al McIlroy have now taken up the mantra and are bursting with energy to take to an even higher level. Together they all share a lifetime passion for creating amazing places, spaces and experiences that inspire all of the Little House Republic activities.

All expressions of the Little House Republic brand draw from their combined approach to creating positive impact for as many people as possible, leaving a lasting legacy for generations to come.

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